Automated Referrals

The best referrals are from "Word of Mouth.” We Logoautomated it!
You get warm trusted leads, new clients, and ultimately new fryends

Logo It’s your network, time to supercharge it!

Hey, you know a guy who does xyz? Oh certainly, my buddy Ivan can help! And Bam! You just got a referral, a fresh lead!
Well then great!!! Problem is, clients don’t always ask, and friends don’t always tell!
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Fryends constantly scours your network looking for jobs that match your skills.
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The system then notifies you of all potential jobs and clients that match you.
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Your mutual fryend will proceed to make the proper introductions in a new three-way chatroom.
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Already 850+ ahead of you!

You’ll be among the firsts to get in after we launch this amazing new way to network and get more business.